My amazing students are the reason I’ve continued teaching for so long. There are so many great things I can say about them. Here are some of the great things they’ve said about me.

I’ll do everything I can to make sure you’re a satisfied student, too!

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Beau is an amazing guitar teacher! I was his student for years and he helped me improve in many different ways, such as efficient practicing, picking techniques, music theory, and more. He is knowledgeable, patient, and flexible and he will work hard to make sure that you succeed. I would highly recommend that anyone who want to learn guitar should take lessons with Beau.

Brandon K. (age 20)


I took guitar lessons with Beau from ages 13-18. Memories of those lessons come to mind whenever I play the guitar. Beau taught me many different techniques and interesting facts about the guitar that I will always have. He teaches everything from basic to advanced concepts, and does it in a way that is very easy to follow. With thanks to Beau, I still play the guitar every day and love it with a passion.

Jake G. (age 20)


Beau has been one of the most influential people I’ve has in my life. He’s worked with me on everything from learning a great guitar lick, to theory and how to develop guitar IQ. Beau can be a great asset for all levels as he helped me grow from knowing practically nothing into developing my own songs and solos.

Josh R. (age 16)


My son Sean has been a student of Beau’s for two-and-a-half years. Sean tells me that beau teaches in an understandable style and “his guitar skills are really good!” Sean has a lot of fun taking lessons with Beau.

Nicole for Sean F. (age 11)


Beau has taught me the passion and integrity that comes with guitar playing. If you want someone to teach you the skills and motivation it takes to thrive with the guitar, Beau is your man.

Chris I. (age 21)


Beau is an excellent teacher. He is a very knowledgeable about the guitar and a variety of musical styles. The lessons have helped me to develop my skills, and taught me how to practice effectively. Beau is very friendly, and he makes the lesson fun and interesting. They are always something to look forward to! I definitely recommend Beau to any guitar player.

Ian M. (age 20)


I have been taking guitar lessons from beau for a few years now. He is a very effective teacher that has given me solid fundamentals on music theory, guitar techniques, and practice regimen. He will tailor the lessons towards the songs I would like to tackle and would provide supplemental lessons and material that would help me accomplish handling the songs I wanted to learn. I came into the lessons wanting to play rock and metal but have emerged with a better appreciation for other guitar styles and music in general. Beau always keeps his lessons very fun, engaging, and informative and I would not hesitate to recommend him to other guitarists of any skill level.

Minh N. (age 29)


What sets Beau apart from other guitar teachers is that he lets you choose the songs you want to learn. He lets you choose the genre you like, not the genre the teacher thinks you should learn. The lessons aren’t boring where you only learn one chord in a lesson. You may get though half a song in one lesson and he lets you go at your own pace. Beau makes learning to play the guitar fun and interesting.

Eli H. (age 15)


Beau is a great teacher because he spends time working with me when I am trying to figure how to play something. He breaks it up into parts to make it easier for me to play. I enjoy the lessons we have every Friday and it not only fun, it is awesome. Beau always had a smile on his face and he is very encouraging. I appreciate the time he spends with me and I look forward to more lessons!

Benson K. (age 13)